Lurveleven: a musical gourmet of international calibre!

Welcome! During the coming arts and culture season, we will be holding a unique concert series! Accomplished artists from Norway and abroad will be making the trip to Ås to give you some wonderful auditory experiences.

CONCERT ONE: Ensemble of the Golden Bough.

Saturday 24th of September at 6 pm

Ås cinema theatre

The Ensemble of the Golden Bough is a brass quintet that provides a modern perspective on London's ancient brass heritage, and Britain's visionary classical and folk music traditions.

The quintet consists of Britain's most distinctive and highly regarded brass musicians - Christopher Barrett - tuba, Ryan Linham and Sam Kinrade - trumpet, Phillippa Koushk-Jalali - French horn and Rory Cartmell - trombone.

As we will be having such talented musicians in Ås, we have seized upon the opportunity for a creative collaboration and invited Ås girls' and boys' concert band (ÅS JENTE- OG GUTTEKORPS) and Nordby School Band (NORDBY SKOLEKORPS) to play with the quintet. Playing with such accomplished musicians will certainly be of great inspiration to our local youth concert band.

The concert will therefore be composed of two parts – where the quintet plays first a solo set, and then a set with our wonderful youths.

You can read more about Ensemble of the Golden Bough here:


Ensemble Freithoff - In dialogue with old masters

Saturday 21st of October at 8 pm

Foyer scene

In this programme, Ensemble Freithoff presents the song cycle "Yellow Sands" by Gisle Kverndokk, based on the character Ariel from Shakespeare's The Tempest. The cycle can be heard in dialogue with songs and instrumental pieces by baroque composers who have been inspired by Shakespeare's characters.

There will be music from Purcell's Fairy Queen and The Tempest, as well as Shakespearean songs by Robert Johnsen and Thomas Arne.

Ensemble Freithoff is one of Norway's most prominent early music ensembles and everything is performed on historical instruments.

The ensemble's members: Helene Wold and Daniel Sæter (vocals), Caroline E. Dahl (recorders), Kristine Rustad (gambe), and Vegard Lund (lute).

You can read more about Ensemble Freithoff here:


Saturday 12th of November at 8 pm

Ås cinema theatre


This high calibre quartet has been put together especially for the Lurveleven concert series.

The quartet consists of the French avant-garde jazz and classical tuba virtuoso Michel Godard who also plays the predecessor of the tuba, a brass instrument known as the Serpent or the snake. He is today one of the most important tubas and serpentists in the world of jazz and improvisation. Michel Godard's playing is extraordinary in every way; a wonderful technique combined with the finest musicality allows him to make these hefty instruments airy.

Matthieu Michel is from Switzerland and is described as one of Europe's finest voices on trumpet and flugelhorn. His phrasing and melodic flair make him one of Europe's most in-demand musicians. For over two decades, his exceptional qualities as a soloist have been at the service of an incalculable number of projects.

Anthony Cox is an internationally recognized bassist, arranger, composer and educator from Minnesota with extensive experience working across musical genres. His career has spanned over 30 years and includes an extensive list of collaborations, performances and recordings with notable artists such as Sam Rivers, Joe Lovano, Geri Allen, Kenny Wheeler and Dino Saluzzi to name a few.

Drummer, computer musician and Å's man Terje Evensen works in improvised modern jazz music combined with electro elements and experiments, always in a wonderland where different genres collide. He can be heard on more than 50 albums, and the people of Peru, Japan, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Austria, Chile, New Zealand and Norway have been lucky enough to hear him play live.


Saturday 28th of January (Ås Jazz)

PeruJazz is undoubtedly the most stimulating band to come out of Peru in recent decades. Their work in creating, researching, and communicating Peruvian rhythms, fused with modern jazz has earned them prestige and international recognition.

All the members of the band are creators and pioneers of new music that in a coherent and innovative way integrates the traditional musical roots from the coasts, highlands, and jungles of Peru with masterful improvisations.

Peruvian jazz reflects, in this way, a new image of contemporary Peru: ethnic roots mixed with modern technique - the "primitive" with the sophisticated.

Traditional instruments such as the quena, zampoña, and cajon are combined with a tenor case, bass, guitar, and drums. Perujazz takes us on an intense journey through Peru's diverse landscape with its universal musical language accessible to all.

Featuring: Manongo Mujica - Drums/Percussion, Jean Pierre Magnet - Saxophones, Andrés Prado - Guitars, Julio Zavala - Bass, César 'Pudy' Ballumbrosio - Percussion, Violin and Zapateado

You can read more about Perujazz here:

The concert series is supports by the Arts Council Norway.


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