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Prinsen med de triste øynene (The Prince With The Sad Eyes)

lørdag 23. mars 2019
Prinsen med tårer

In a country far, far away, there once lived a prince who felt so alone. He had everything he could ever want, but no one to talk to and share his toys with.

"The Prince With The Sad Eyes" is about the power of love and how it's actually more important than the things you own. In this story we meet characters, portrayed by puppets, from the kingdom where the prince lives with the king and queen of the country. Two skilled story-tellers expertly weave the story together by use of puppets and narrative.
The play is performed in Norwegian.

Saturday 23 March at 1.00pm. Cinema vestibule. Price: 120NOK / 100NOK per person (group of 4+)
Target audience: 3-7
Duration: about 30 minutes

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